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AUGUST 14 Schedule Change - GLEN RIDGE

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The August 14, 2015 event originally scheduled for Albany-Saratoga Speedway has been moved to GLEN RIDGE MOTORSPORTS PARK the same date. This change is due to the lack of interested participants for the Albany-Saratoga event since that track had only offered a 6 lap feature race at the rained out June 12 event. The NVDMRC club encourages any members interested in continuing to schedule events at Albany-Saratoga to speak with management and try to explain that since vintage events draw participants from a wide geographic area, events must be rewarding to draw ample car counts. A 6 lap feature with no heat racing has proven to be not rewarding enough to encourage participation at the level needed.

Preservation Class PROPOSED

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Preservation – The Focus of Northeastern Vintage Club’s SHOW & GO Class

Since its inception, the Northeastern Vintage Dirt Modified Racing Club (NVDMRC) has primarily been about competition with preservation taking a bit of a back seat to the racing of the club’s vintage machines. As a matter of fact, the club founders purposely placed the word “racing” in the club’s name. For about 16 years the club has done just that….raced….the vintage cars.


However, the founding members also coined the club’s motto: “racing like it used to be”. Over the years the racing has been the mainstay of the club, but the cars and costs have been getting less and less like it used to be. The cars have progressed to styles and speeds more consistent with the 1980’s and 90’s rather than the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as originally envisioned. This has resulted in decreased participation by vintage enthusiasts that own earlier original style cars.

In order to provide on-track opportunities for many of the vintage racers with truly old-style cars, the club intends to be presenting a second division with a focus on “preservation” rather than competition. The intent is to continue to allow for the competitive events as always, but also allow for non-competitive track time and static displays that will showcase the many original style cars that have been preserved, restored or re-created by enthusiasts who prefer to keep the cars more historically authentic, or who have reservations about racing their machines in a competitive environment. The goal is that increased events appealing to owners of original style cars will lead to additional cars being restored and brought back to the tracks for the enjoyment of the fans and the car’s owners.


Beginning in 2016 (with possible late 2015 events), the Northeastern Vintage SHOW & GO class will be formulated as a division of the NVDMRC. This will allow the two legs of the club to coordinate events for maximum participation and added interaction with the fans. The new name includes the words “show” and “go” due to the concept that participants would display their cars early on race nights and then perform an on-track exhibition later in the same program. Cars entered for participation in Show & Go events must have an authentic vintage appearance and be driven in a conservative manner. The objective is to present multiple opportunities for the truly vintage cars to be showcased on-track and statically displayed, while continuing to present the actual racing format for the newer style NVDMRC cars.


The benefits of such focus on preservation are great. The cars of the by-gone eras need to be preserved, from a historical perspective, and they are best showcased on the numerous racing venues the club currently visits. Shows will also be a part of the preservation initiative of the club with display at tracks and other venues planned. However, it is the on-track aspect, but with less risk than the competitive events, that is thought to be the biggest motivating factor in getting older cars restored and back into the spotlight.


In order for the Show & Go concept to be successful, the cooperation of the tracks and of the enthusiasts is needed. The tracks must make a commitment that ample track time will be allotted to allow the original style cars to run separately from the competition cars. Once the owners of the older cars recognize this, they will be much more likely to participate. The enthusiasts need to get the cars out of the barns, garages, fields, etc…and to the tracks and shows where they can be enjoyed by all. Also, the many enthusiasts/fans that have other racing memorabilia are encouraged to get active and share their historical items and experiences at club events.


Nostalgia is big and getting bigger all over the country. Now is the time to get the hobby of vintage racing energized with the additional focus of preservation. It will be the perfect complement to the exciting vintage racing currently being presented and should prove to be a very popular attraction to add to any speedway’s regular events.

For further information contact the Northeastern Vintage Dirt Modified Racing Club through facebook, the website at or e-mail: [email protected]

2015 NVDMRC Tentative SCHEDULE

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2015 Tentative SCHEDULE


March 21-22 OCFS Motorsports, Show Middletown NY (display)


May 2 Rhinebeck Antique Auto Show, Rhinebeck NY (display)


May 9 Orange County Fair Speedway, Middletown NY (race)


June 6 Orange County Fair Speedway, Middletown NY (race) “NOSTALGIA NIGHT”


June 7 Dutchess County Sports Museum, Wappinger Falls NY (display)


June 12 Albany-Saratoga Speedway, Malta NY (race)


June 13 Lebanon Valley Speedway, West Lebanon NY (race)


July 4 Bethel Motor Speedway, White Lake NY (race)


July 18 Orange County Fair Speedway, Middletown NY (race)


July 31 Glen Ridge Motorsports Park, Fultonville NY (race)


August 1 Fonda Speedway, Fonda NY (race)


August 14 Albany-Saratoga Speedway, Malta NY (race)


August 15 Orange County Fair Speedway, Middletown NY (race)


September 5 Bethel Motor Speedway, White Lake NY (race) “NOSTALGIA NIGHT”


October 10 I-88 Speedway, Afton NY (race)



Note: Always check hosting speedway for cancellations due to weather. Schedule subject to change without notice. Club contact: Ed Stevens 845-386-3484



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Date: November 23, 2014

1. Champion Darral Hulbert #8 (14 pts)

2. John Hager #65 (12 pts)

3.Stan Wetmore #73 (10 pts)

   Rob Sanford #15 (10 pts)

4. Howie Murphy #11 (9 pts)

5. Ray See Jr. #5 (8 pts)

    Jeff Hager #8-1/2 (8 pts)

6. Jim Johnson #73 (5 pts)

     Stan Woyt #26 (5 pts)

7. Bill Liese #26 (4 pts)

    Rob Casti #71e (4 pts)

    Kyle VanTassel #13K (4 pts)


"Lady in Racing Award" : Mary Casti

June 14, 2014 Bethel Motor Speedway RESULTS

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NORTHEAST VINTAGE DIRT MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH (20 laps): 1. Ray See Jr. (Patterson, NY), 2. Stan Wetmore, 3. Howie Murphy, 4. Rob Casti, 5. Jeff Hager, 6. John Hager, 7. Bob Barker, 8. Bill Barker.



June 7, 2014 Orange County Fair Speedway RESULTS

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1. Jimmy Johnson #73

2. Stan Wetmore #73

3. Darryl Hulbert #8

4. Howie Murphy #11

 5. Rob Casti #71e

6. Kyle VanTassel #13K

7. Bill Leise #26

8. Jeff Hager #8-1/2

9. John Hager #65

10. Natasha Bruner #15

11. Tom Athanas #56

May 17, 2014 Orange County Fair Speedway RESULTS

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The May 10, 2013 event rained out and OCFS management has allowed the NVDMRC a make-up event on Saturday, May 17, 2014 @7:00 PM


Darrell Hulbert #8 WINNER

Reading reunion show June 28

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On Sat June 28th, The Reading fairgrounds Racing Historical Society in association with the Reading Fairgrounds will be remembering the 35th year of the closing of the Reading Fairgrounds & the 160th Anniversary of the Reading Fair in Aug. We are inviting ALL race clubs as well as anyone with a race car to attend. There is NO entry fee. Show starts @ 9:ooam and runs through 6:00pm with a raindate of Sun June 29th. If you want to leave early, we'll need to know so that we can park the cars for easy exit. The show 'The Classics" will be held at the new Reading fairgrounds just off Rt. 183. North of Reading. All types of vehicles will be on display. 5 years ago we had 65 race cars and we hope to get more this year.


Thank you,

Mike Shaub

Historian RFRHS

2014 TENTATIVE Schedule

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Northeastern Vintage Dirt Modified Racing Club


2014 TENTATIVE Schedule (as of February 24, 2014)


March 15-16 Orange County Fairgrounds motorsports SHOW (Middletown)


May 3 Dutchess County Fairgrounds SHOW (Rhinebeck)


May 17 (makeup for 5/10 rainout) Orange County Fair Speedway RACE


June 1 Taconic Nationals SHOW (James Baird State Park)


June 7 Orange County Fair Speedway RACE “nostalgia night”


June 8 Dutchess County Sports Museum SHOW (Wappinger)


June 13 Penn Can Speedway RACE (Susquehanna Pa.)


June 14 Bethel Motor Speedway RACE (White Lake NY)


July 5 Orange County Fair Speedway RACE


August 2 Fonda Speedway RACE w/ Midstate


August 16 Orange County Fair Speedway RACE


August 22 Albany-Saratoga Speedway RACE (Malta) w/ Midstate


August 23 Lebanon-Valley Speedway RACE (West Lebanon) w/ Midstate


August 30 Bethel Motor Speedway RACE (White Lake NY) “nostalgia night”


T.B.A. Accord Speedway RACE (Accord NY)


Club coordinator:

Ed Stevens

Ph 845-386-3484

(If possible, Ed would like participants to inform him by phone about a week in advance of each event they plan to attend. This will allow estimations of car counts to be determined prior to the event.)



2014 NVDMRC Rule amendments:

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2014 NVDMRC Rule amendments:



NO CHANGE: Snell 2005 approved, or newer, helmets required


CHANGE: Points system adjusted to reward participants travelling over 100 miles and reward performance as follows:

1 point awarded for each team participating at an event (regardless of finish)

1 additional point awarded for each team having travelled 100 or more miles to event

1 additional point awarded to team winning the feature event (overall winner only)

(it would be possible to earn 3 points at one event if a team travelled 100 miles and won the feature race)


1. CHANGE: Gear rule for tracks larger than 1/2 mile (Middletown) DISCONTINUED. No gear rule in effect for 2014 season at any of the tracks.

2. CHANGE: 4 barrel carburetor equipped cars minimum weight RESTORED to 2,500 minimum (no allowance).

3. NO CHANGE: Fabricated bodies to be restricted – MUST accurately replicate cars of the late 70’s- early 80’s era. No wings, air dams, spoilers, long doors, excessive width, etc..(NOTE: It is essential to the club’s continued success that all participating cars maintain a purely vintage look and appeal. Any car deviating from vintage appearance will be disallowed upon vote of club members in attendance).

4. CHANGE: Year eligibility for stock stamped steel body panels has been increased to 1984. This allows body panels to be utilized from stock passenger cars 30 years old, or older. The intention is to allow a year newer panels each year in keeping with the 30 year old concept.


Club members and participation has been declining in recent years and part of the problem is perceived to be the lack of enthusiasm by owners of older style or original restored cars. The club is committed to preservation of racing history as well as competitively showcasing the vintage cars. In order to motivate owners of cars that have not been frequently bringing them out, provisions are being planned to allow for slower cars to run separately from faster cars…however…the concept will only be successful if an adequate number of cars are on hand to allow for multiple races. Those interested should coordinate with Ed Stevens to try to schedule some events for the older cars.


Northeastern Vintage Dirt Modified Racing Club Reflects on 2013 and Advances Towards 2014 Season

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Northeastern Vintage Dirt Modified Racing Club Reflects on 2013 and Advances Towards 2014 Season


The members of the NVDMRC gathered on December 29 to present 2013 season awards and discuss plans for the 2014 vintage racing season.

The affair was once again hosted by the club’s tireless leader Eddie Stevens and his wife Joanne. The Mamakating Park pavilion became a buffet of great food prepared by the hosts and supplemented by many members’ dishes.

After dining and a lot of bench-racing, the club members were presented awards and a few other prizes. For the second year in a row the Hager Brothers, John & Jeff, claimed the championship having participated in fourteen events with their familiar orange and white #65 coupe, a mid-70’s style Modified that has seen action with the club every year since 2000. Second in the season standings went to father & son Ray See Sr. and Ray See Jr. who dominated competitive events in their Subway sponsored Gremlin #5. The third points position was shared by Chris Adams #92, Howie Murphy #11 and Stan Woyt #26. Finishing fourth in points were Stan Wetmore #73, Bill Liese #26, Richie Padgett #9-18 and Jim Johnson #73. Rounding out the top five in points positions were Jake Schlagel #10 and Darral Hulbert #78.

A special honorary presentation of “Woman in Racing” was made to Mrs. Helen See as she is regularly in attendance supporting her Husband and Son in their racing endeavors and is quick to lend a hand whenever the club needs one.

Eddie Stevens thanked all the participants and club members for their support and enthusiasm through 2013 and discussed the upcoming 2014 schedule and aspects of the club’s efforts to promote vintage racing and expand the schedule where possible. As has been typical in recent years, Orange County Fair Speedway has offered four events for the vintage cars. Bethel Motor Speedway will allow two visits to their paved oval as well.  Other tracks include Fonda Speedway (under new leadership for 2014), Albany-Saratoga, Lebanon Valley and Penn-Can with one event each. Accord Speedway was mentioned by many members as being a desirable destination for the club’s participants and Eddie said he’s gotten a commitment from track management to add Accord to the club schedule, but the date is not yet determined. Glenridge Motorsports Park also may be added to the schedule if possible.

Regarding opportunities to display vintage race cars and memorabilia, the club will be recognizing several venues as points events. Those include the annual motorsports show at the Orange County Fairgrounds in March, the May Rhinebeck Antique and Street Rod show, The Taconic Nationals Car Show in June and the Dutchess County Sports Museum also in June.

A rather extensive discussion took place regarding several topics concerning club members. The rules were discussed as well as ideas to maximize participation. In rules discussion, it was decided that two rule changes introduced in 2013 would be removed from the 2014 rules. The minimum weight had been raised to 2,550 lbs and is returning to the 2,500 lbs minimum for 2014. The maximum gear ratio of rule imposed at 5/8 mile & larger tracks has been eliminated for 2014. Body rules have been amended to allow stock steel bodies a minimum of 30 years old (1984, or older for 2014 season). All other technical rules remain unchanged for 2014.

The club’s point calculation system was discussed with the majority of the members in favor of rewarding teams that travel to distant events and rewarding performance. In the past, points had been based solely on participation. After several ideas were considered, it was decided that the calculation of points must be kept simple, yet allow for a team to overcome missing some events. For 2014 points will be awarded as follows: 1 point to each participant that enters an event (regardless of finish), 1 additional point to each participant entering an event that is 100 or more miles of travel distance, 1 point to the winner of each feature event. With this system a team could possibly earn 3 points at one event, if they have travelled at least 100 miles and they win the feature race. It was felt that the new system would allow teams to race for the championship. It was also determined that points for attendance of car shows will only be awarded for those shows recognized on the club schedule.

Regarding participation, all club members acknowledged that the current state of the economy, including high fuel costs, have cut into the number of cars at club events. A lot of ideas were offered to try to maximize interest and perhaps attract a few new members or at least a few participants to cross over from other clubs. One area of concern is that many of the older cars are less likely to be brought out to compete with some of the newer and faster cars. Dividing the events so drivers can choose the appropriate division for their speed or skill level seemed to be agreeable to the club members, but car counts need to be at a level that allows the splitting of the cars. At some venues, low car counts will not allow the dividing of the field of cars.

The conclusion of the annual get-together was that of enthusiasm for the upcoming season. Many vintage teams are eager to return to Lebanon Valley and Accord as neither track has hosted the club over the past several seasons. Additionally, word has it that several new club cars are under construction and it is always exciting to see another vintage machine returned to the track!

For additional information contact the Northeastern Vintage Dirt Modified Club’s coordinator Eddie Stevens at 845-386-3484, or mail NVDM Racing Club, 1101 Route 211-W, Middletown, NY

Awards banquet + rules discussion 12/29/13

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Sunday, December 29, 2013 (1pm - 5:30 pm)


Annual club banquet get-together and awards + rules discussion


Mamakating park pavilion, Bloomingburgh, NY


RSVP to Eddie Stevens @ 845-386-3484


(a covered dish would be appreciated)


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August 16 Glen Ridge (OPEN VINTAGE)

August 31 Bethel Motor Speedway (asphalt)

September 6 Albany-Saratoga

September 14 Fonda & Sept 14 OCFS

September 21 Fonda

Glen Ridge Motorsports Park August 16, 2013

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coming up....hope to see a good turnout!


OPEN VINTAGE EVENT, but NVDMRC members in attendance will be awarded club participation points.

OCFS August 3, 2013

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Winner Jake Schlagel #37J

Penn-Can July 26, 2013

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Winner Ray See, Jr #5 Gremlin

Fonda Speedway (2nd visit of '13) - July 20, 2013

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RAINED OUT rescheduled for September 14 PLUS another date Sept 21.


Albany Saratoga - July 19, 2013

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coming up... hope to see a good turnout!

OCFS Middletown - July 6, 2013

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Winner - Ray See, jr  #5


Fonda Speedway June 29, 2013

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Winner #69